April/May Favourites

Hello! it has been a long time since I have been on WordPress. I have a lot to say and wow.. these two months have been really interesting well… looking at my camera roll it started with my birthday! I went to Bulgogi grill in Leeds and tried Korean BBQ for the first time, it […]

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February/March favorites

Hello! it’s already the second month of the year! this month was a month of no distractions and focusing on your goal. this month I have learnt that I need to focus on God more. even though I am concentrating on weaker areas of my life, I came to realise that I can not do anything successful without […]

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January Faves

So it’s already the second month of the year! So during the month of January, I came across many different opportunities and many different products. this month I could not stop saying that I was blessed because I am truly blessed, every day of this month was a blessing. So starting with Skin Care, my […]

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Am I a 5SOS Fan?

In 2015, like always I love looking for new artists and different kinds of music. After 5sos’s album came out I some how slipped out of the fandom, (It happened so quickly, I really don’t know how it happened) I think being a loyal Calum’s girl for two years is more than enough.) I somehow got […]

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Day 2 España 

Today we had to go to their school, most of the spanish students where doing a special exam so we had to be in a different room We had a tour around the school and it had 6 floors! I was so tired climbing 12 flights of stairs, at lunch time I wasn’t a big […]

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Day 1 España

Hola! Im in spain! I am doing another exchange And im sorry if these posts are short… This blog is only made so i can remember these events in the future sooooo…. We had to go to school and participate in 2 lessons before having lunch and leaving the school before heading to the airport […]

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