Day 1 España

Hola! Im in spain! I am doing another exchange And im sorry if these posts are short… This blog is only made so i can remember these events in the future sooooo….

We had to go to school and participate in 2 lessons before having lunch and leaving the school before heading to the airport in Liverpool, we basically wasted approx 30 minutes at the silver tables talking before getting forced to go back to our lessons by my maths teacher…

This was the last picture i took before going to school in the morning


After having lunch, and getting dirty looks from someone in particular…not saying names, but I saw it! We got on a coach to Liverpool


Im kinda obsessed with the Beatles… But I don’t know everything thing about them, you get me? So when I realised it was John Lennon Airport, I kinda Fangirled. I couldn’t get any merch because all my money was in euros so they would charge extra 😓. My friend natalie was thirsty as ever and bought monster drink and water. We started a thing,where if you see a cute boy you said burger and there was one in particular and i said burger but my friends said he was too short…you will find out more about him later


me,iqra,and Natalie


The plane ride to spain took 2 and a half hours

credit to natalie
The view from the plane


I was in the middle with natalie at the window and my spainish teachers wife on my left, i felt sorry for her because she wanted to sit next to her husband.

We arrived at 7:52 pm and it was lovely! Nice warm spanish breezes :3,

me and sarah


We took another coach to a school in madrid and our teacher gave us orange bags… Bright orange, everyone hated them.. After dropping most of the British exchange people, we headed to another school on the outskirts of Madrid,

And i met my exchange and their parents! They where so nice and welcoming! I had an Spanish omelette, that had potato inside, it was really nice, but we ate at 12 am it was crazy 😂


Me and Irene

And that’s all for Day one


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