Am I a 5SOS Fan?

In 2015, like always I love looking for new artists and different kinds of music. After 5sos’s album came out I some how slipped out of the fandom, (It happened so quickly, I really don’t know how it happened) I think being a loyal Calum’s girl for two years is more than enough.) I somehow got into Kpop,(I will talk about how I got into kpop in another entry) and yes I was a 5sos stan, do I regret it?  No, why? because they made me happy and without them I wouldn’t be as close to my friends as we are now and being one of there fans was a thing that made me really proud, Shout out to My Main Girl Masha aye! But the reason I left was probably because of the change in music, instead of being a pop punk band they started to become “pop-y”. pop music is alright, but it wasn’t what I was expecting from them, if you get me? they are a pop punk group right? when they where labeled as a pop band I really took the time to think to myself. I really love 5sos’s old ep’s and album, there are a few good songs in there new album, but lets just say that i’m not a big fan of “she’s kinda hot though” and “Hey Everybody”. When they came out with the music videos for those songs I was really put off… I know they are a band of dorks and that’s what I like about them however not everyone is going to see the beauty of the album “Sounds Good Feels Good” if they put out music that is a bit off… I’m really happy they made a music video for Jet Black Heart because its a beautiful song and the fans in the music video are beautiful people too! My favorite songs from the album are: Castaway, Jet Black Heart, Fly Away, and San Francisco. I think they should’ve chose different songs to have music videos for, but that’s just my opinion. also the heart breaking fact that they had to change their old, beautiful logo to something that longs like a “punk rock” version of monster high made me feel as if i was supporting a band for 10 year old’s (don’t worry 12 year old’s i’m not going to make fun out of you guys because I know how horrible it feels to have everyone assuming you’re going to say something nsfw or cause trouble in the fandom, please don’t cause trouble what ever age you are) I am a sucker for band merch! I Love Love Love band merch, however you defiantly wouldn’t see me wearing merch with the new 5sos logo, sorry yet again but Its a no from me.and after the rolling stones article i’m just happy i’m not apart of that. i really don’t care if it is real or fake, sometimes the music you listen to represents who you are as a person, and maybe 5sos isn’t a part of me now, I think i have moved on, I have learnt a lot from them and yeah I may listen to a few songs, maybe even concerts but I don’t have the love or the excitement I had for them two years ago. there is no point of me being a fake fan and saying that i like them when frankly, I see no point.

I’m sorry if it offended you in any way but I just wanted to write this so then I can look back at this to see if the points I made in 2015 where valid to what my opinions may be in the future! I defiantly don’t hate them but i’m just a fan who grew out of being a part of the 5sos fam!

(all pictures are from my first 5sos concert in Manchester 2015)



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