End of 2015


Well guys… its nearly 2016! i’m sorry that i didn’t publish the other days of my trip to Spain! I probably won’t be able to publish them anyway due to the fact I didn’t write any entries for them and all I did on those last days is a distant memory!

Anyway, this year I came with the word  “Hope” “希望” (kibo) I didn’t know what I was hoping for, and I still don’t know what I was Hoping for, but that was a symbol for my 2015. I came in 2015 with Japanese, and will start 2016 with Korean with two particular words. “Grace” and “Mercy” “은혜 And “자비” when I was prayed for, the words Grace and Mercy really stood out to me, Grace as in GOD’s favor (His kindness) and God’s Mercy on my life and future. I really love to be solid in my faith and I’m not afraid to show it to my friends and the world through social media, so those words motivate me to stay strong on my journey with Christ! My new years resolution is to gain faith, love and serve others and take every day as a blessing.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I had, the friends I met, the new things I found and loved, the fact that I was molded into a stronger woman in faith, through the tests and the reality of everyday life. the fact I am still alive is a blessing. I also want to thank everyone who made this year a special one too! I love you guys ❤

Oh and I’ll Probably Ditch the Black and White theme in 2016, I guess it will be a year of colour too!

Highlights of 2015:




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