January Faves

So it’s already the second month of the year! So during the month of January, I came across many different opportunities and many different products. this month I could not stop saying that I was blessed because I am truly blessed, every day of this month was a blessing.

So starting with Skin Care, my favourite products where:

I bought my products from Cosmetic Love:http://cosmetic-love.com/

I will do a review on my other account ->https://adjuaxbeauty.wordpress.com/

I just want to thank http://onethuthree.com/ for the emulsion it was such a great product to use in my daily routine and the samples definitely came in handy!

Random Bits: So in the month of January I did many different things, I had a Spanish Speaking Exam, and I just want to thank everyone who wished me good luck and I just want to thank God for being with me, for I did great in my exam. I also started my DoE, as I’m writing this I have only started my Physical section of my course. I’m still wondering if I should do Concert Band or Cooking (with my friends) as a skill, volunteer wise, I think I might help out in a charity shop. I need to work hard in February! and well done to all the exo-ls who participated in the Exo London project on mymusictaste.com ! I’m very proud of you guys!

Pictures Of the Month:


Music Favorites:

Someone Like U Dalshabet

House of Cards BTS. My favourite part of the song is at 1:21 where is sounds really jazzy! I really see this song at a masquerade.

22 – Hyukoh, I love every song from this ep, I can’t wait until they release more music! if I had to choose my top 3 songs from the ep, it would be:

  1.  Settled Down
  2. Mer
  3. Comes and Goes

It was very hard to choose a top 3! I think they might change over time. :3

Please don’t go – Joel Adams, it’s a beautiful song and his humming! I…I’ts… just beautiful!

20 – Hyukoh, yet again, Hyukoh is one of my favourite bands ever! EVER! every member is a ball of sunshine in my eyes! my top 3 songs from this ep are:

  1. Ohio
  2. I have no hometown
  3. 위잉위잉

Just – Zion T & Crush, this song just randomly popped out of nowhere when I was on Spotify and over time I began to listen to it more frequently and became one of my favourite songs of January

Attraction – Bumkey (Feat. Dynamic Duo) I found this song on twitter and I only continued to listen to it because of the intro and the beat haha!

Perfecto – . Ayo. & . Disfnk (ft. Daniela Andrade) – This song is just so chill and something I like to listen to on Saturday mornings.

Panda Bear – Hyukoh, well well… look what we have here xD! another Hyukoh song.I really love this song, not only because of the tune but the lyrics, I could relate to this song. well not everything, however, it’s still a great song.


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