February/March favorites

Hello! it’s already the second month of the year! this month was a month of no distractions and focusing on your goal. this month I have learnt that I need to focus on God more. even though I am concentrating on weaker areas of my life, I came to realise that I can not do anything successful without God! I prayed for what I needed and what I was worried about and I have left them completely to God until the end of lent!

This month I saw All Time Low in Manchester! it was amazing! they are flawless! some stubble here and there, but seriously they look exactly what they look like in music videos. I wonder what their skin care routine consists of… xD Anyway I also saw Twenty One Pilots live in Leeds and that was one of the most of the chaotic experiences I have been in. fans were trying to dance their way to the front and I was surrounded by couples. which is fine, but it’s really awkward when your head is literally in between the and they want to show some PDA and you’re just like “um… this is a concert. I paid to see the artist not to see you kiss and hold each others hands to then raise up and block my view! I also participated in a 25th-anniversary concert for my school @St Georges Hall which was a great experience to perform there again! I also went to Birmingham for a science exhibition but I sadly spent most of my time with my friends helping Natalie find Starbucks *sigh* #TheReasonWhyIPreferToGoByMyselfNotGroupsOfThree. I also made Alyssa try Bubble Tea for the first time when we went to see the latest Divergent movie and she liked it!

March was also a very important month because it is now been a year since I started uploading art onto Redbubble and my business has been a  great success and I have been truly blessed to see other people buy and appreciate my work. so to celebrate this easter holiday and 1 year anniversary  I will be designing and uploading 3+ new designs.  may not sound like a lot but they do take a while to make. because you need to find inspiration, get the images you need and make sure that they are a decent quality because the low quality is a no no! so thank you to anyone who has supported me or bought any of my works!(Check the link in the menu. 🙂 )

Dramas: I watched a couple of Korean dramas this month. my favourite one was Moorim School. hands down is one of the best dramas I have watched! I don’t know why but its just amazing! I love all the characters personalities. but that one character that would speak random phrases in English made me laugh and annoyed me a bit. because How is they supposed to understand your threats? they might as well all speak English. what do you guys think? I really love the OST of Moorim School and I was there was a lot of songs by Vixx. My friend Sarah told me that one of the characters were from the band Vixx and when I found out that it was Hongbin I was shocked! because he is really good at acting just like his hyung N who played the role of Ha Dong Jae in Sassy Go Go which I still don’t believe because I never really bothered to listen to them until now and I’m “obsessed”, its a shame how they reduced the number of episodes from 20 to 16! *sigh* I also watched School 2015 which is also an amazing drama that had me pulling my hair out and confused and angry at the mean character from the drama. I just wanted to shake her and send her to mars. I have finished watching 6 Flying Dragons, and I’m really impressed by this drama its full of political and historical context and its surprisingly not boring! but I cheekily skipped a few episodes because there is 50 episodes in total! and I’m on episode 8 of descendants of the sun so I have really kept myself entertained.

Music Faves:

Bonnie & Clyde – DΞΔN: this song is just wow… I watched the music video the minute it was released! well.. 43 minutes, but like I said before it’s lit!

Won’t Live Here– Daniel Caesar: I found this artist on Soundcloud when I was just looking for some new artists to look for so thank you DΞΔN and Crush for your SoundCloud playlists

Like the Sun – Crush: I found this on DΞΔNs SoundCloud account and I was hooked from the fist beat!

Chained Up– Vixx: FREEZE ARMOUR DOWN NANANA…. I need to calm myself down.

Hot Enough– Vixx: *stares at my laptop screen blankly* um.. well, my mind is blank.

The Zolas are a Band that I have found about through vine! yep vine. and I love Indie Rock and music like that so I fell in love with the song Molotov Girls and Strange Girl

After Glow– Faky :I found out about them on twitter I think… someone told me to “stan” them and I listened to afterglow and it’s really a beautiful song with a very aesthetic music video that was a deep story about it which is amazing!

Only You– Miss A:”다른 남자 말고 너” I really like this song! I don’t really listen to that many songs from girl groups but I really like the song because it unleashes my inner aegyo :3

Coldest Summer– Ollie: this song is really upbeat which is a great song to transition from winter to spring/summer

Oceans – tyDi & Jack Novack ft Greyson Chance: I am a big fan of Greyson Chance! my friend Alyssa used to be  a really big fan of him and we used to call her Mrs Chance! but now she just cringes every time we say that to her and prefers to be called TaeTae.

Blood– Day 6: The lads have come back with a new mini-album and I really love how it has a really groovy indie vibe that’s what really draws me to this band cause I absolutely love Indie/Alternative Rock.

Pictures of the Month:




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