April/May Favourites

Hello! it has been a long time since I have been on WordPress. I have a lot to say and wow.. these two months have been really interesting

well… looking at my camera roll it started with my birthday! I went to Bulgogi grill in Leeds and tried Korean BBQ for the first time, it was so yummy! it was also the first time I and my family had eaten together in a restaurant. (we are more of a home>resturant kind  of family) , later that week I played a Vixx simulation game version 1 and 2 , and it was one f the weirdest but funniest games I have played. you guys are really talented! I went to Leeds with one of my Unnies’ and tried out some ddobokki and kimbap and it was really delicious! I did some course work in Blackpool for geography.. it was a very short day but daisy, Nathaniel, and Rehan made it more interesting by talking about music and being the awkward ones who wouldn’t go inside Mc Donalds like everyone else did but ate our lunches outside cause why not?

In the month of May. I had a big storm coming. I did my practice edition for DofE and ITS A TESTIMONY TO BE ALIVE TODAY BECAUSE IT WAS HELL!! my group was full of ambitious people who have this fixed mindset of “If we are lost, well lets get even more lost and walk to Leeds-Bradford Airport instead” and “If we see the other team RUN!!” …. amazing. we had so much banter, though! we were the first ones at the campsite and the first ones back home the net team came 3 hours later after us! you really do get a nice satisfied feeling after accomplishing Dofe and sleeping for a week. I and my friends started to hang around outside a bit more, going to local parks and doing nature trails. we went to Bolton Abbey and chilled for a bit. but my son Woofle fell into the river and got wet and miserable, we had sympathy then… but now. well… let’s just say he isn’t a !”nice person” Natalie fell in love with wild garlic.

I also went to drink bubble tea for the 5th time? idk but it was really yummy I showed my friends to the oriental supermarket in my city and Sarah almost screamed when they played Troublemaker in the store, or yeah I forgot to say that they play kpop in the store, (that’s another reason why I go there xd) I also started my project for Arts fest and Went to manchester with my auntie and brothers to the museum, it was fun.. I got bored, though and wanted to finish off my drawing

KDrama: Descendants of the sun; was the highlight drama of the year! I’m so sad that it ended… the ending was a bit off. Jackpot, God of Noodles

Anime: bungou no stray dogs, Kabenari of the iron fortress and that’s it…

Music Favs:

Polarizing blue- troye sivan and twenty one pilots


Forever- Haim

Alone- Hollyn

Blue- Big Bang

Haru Haru- big bang

Fix my eyes- For king and country

Remain- Royal tailor

Gracious tempest- Hillsong united

Colorful- SHINeeance for me-

Dance for me- Eugy

200%- AKMU

Re-bye- AKMU

Bingle Bingle- Block B

1004- B.A.P

okey dokey- Mino

moli moli-g.souk

white shirt- Jonghyun

she is- Jonghyun

dress up- Jonghyun

like an airplane- San E

full moon- Sunmi

drawing the line- Royal Pirates

God Bless- Live

Puppy Love – ASTRO

Same Boy- Crush

Take care of you- Giriboy

Like you- HOODY


Too fast- Roal pirates

Life in color- Beenzino

Goalkeeper- Yella D

Phew.. that was a lot!




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