Day… I can’t remember

Today is the last day and its so sad. We went to this Church where you can climb, I didn’t climb but help took pictures for Miss Fabian, Tom did some recording,  and the rest climbed. I found out that me and fritz had alot of comman and we talked a bit about vines ,youtubers […]

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Day 4

Today we went to Dusseldorf We went to a tea factory and drank some tea, I couldn’t belive how many people bought tea! I didnt buy any but I took a free box of tea to bring back im in your head im in your head Then we went shopping and fran and joe got […]

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Day 3

On Sunday I went to a scout meeting, and I saw what the German Scouts did in their Summer Holidays, the bad thing was I had to sit down and watch a video for 2 hours in german and I didnt understand a thing except from numbers and a few hello’s. After that we went […]

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Day 2

Today we went to the lovely city Köln, it is the 4th biggest city in Germany. We went to the famous cathedral which was massive! We walked all the way to the top which has 500+ stairs! It may seem like a small number but when there is alot of people and a very narrow […]

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Day 1

5:46 PM (British time)!So I am on the plane writing this,I am on row 16 and im on the edge so im so lucky! -_- it took me so long to get in and they told me it will take longer to get out of the airport, im sitting next to aoife , we are […]

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Germany 2014

Whats up guys! im going to Germany in 2 days! yes 2 days! Not Alfie Deyes but 2 days and I am sooooo excited! this will be the second time I will be on a plane, however what i have heard in the news about people travelling gives me a worry that I might die! But […]

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Hello Internet :)

Why hello ther my name is Grace! ths is my Blog about me and my weird interests i love the 1975,Arctic Monkeys, Glass Towers ,The Starkins, The Kooks, 5sos,ATL,THE NBHD, twenty one pilots and many more i could go on forever (i dont want to say much because people from my school might stalk me) […]

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